Our Aim

Building understanding and respect among faiths in Harrow by:

  • Promoting dialogue among faith communities of Harrow;
  • Respecting the religious beliefs and customs of member faiths, while recognising the personal beliefs of individuals;
  • Fostering friendship and understanding among people of faith;
  • Opposing prejudice;
  • Promoting educational projects and events, enabling members to appreciate the richness of religious and philosophical traditions;
  • Encouraging young people in youth organisations, faith communities, local colleges and universities to participate in inter faith activities;
  • Working with Harrow Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) and making a contribution to religious education and collective worship in schools;
  • Supporting the Interfaith Network;
  • Working together for solutions to problems encountered by local faith communities in the practice of their religion;
  • Co-operating with other groups and networks with similar aims and objectives;
  • Raising funds to carry out agreed interfaith activities.